Book Review: Water Is For Fighting Over

First of all- I’ve always had an outstanding complaint against the world’s headline writers. The water world, especially, is filled with headlines writing checks the content never intended to cash. A journalism grad student friend of mine once reminded me, sheepishly, that editors write headlines. I now see that the complaint extends to book editors…


If only we allowed water trading!

I’ve been feeling a quibbling, hair-splitting mood lately. Must be election gaffe season… Anyway, the excellent storyteller Abrahm Lustgarten (you may remember his long series for ProPublica on the Colorado River) has written a new piece for The Atlantic asking if we need “a free-market plan to save the American West from drought.” Lustgarten laments…

"Snake diagram" of stream flows leaving Colorado

Transbasin Diversions in Colorado: A History

This post is the first in a series fulfilling requirements for ENVS 5000: Policy, Science and the Environment, at the University of Colorado Boulder. Perhaps the signature element of water resource management in Colorado is trans-basin diversions. As the name implies, these are artificial diversions of water from one drainage basin to another. In other…

Hoover Dam

Let’s Get Started

What is this blog all about? Quite simply, I am starting a graduate degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder.  I’m writing this blog to provide my friends and colleagues a chance to learn along with me; this is to be a venue to share some of my research, my findings, and…